Standard Course Builder

ALEKS / McGraw Hill Education

About ALEKS and the project

ALEKS is an online assessment and learning system. The standard course builder project allows new instructors to create standardized courses from a library.

Course Builder Business Goal

The course builder needed to increase ALEKS’ customer base in the 2 yr. higher education market.

Key Challenges

• Building trust with stakeholders
• Keeping focus on requirements
• Writing clear messages
• Fluid style guide


Overall process (at ALEKS)

• Learn of the project

• Develop requirements

• Meet with developers

• Create a prototype

• Test, iterate design, repeat

• Creating final annotated wireframe

• Work with developers and QC


I explored several step-based wizards.


Overall Research Findings

  • Instructors thought the course builder features addressed their needs.
  • The reordering content restriction was not a problem.
  • The proposed users are accurate (new 2 year instructors).


Task Findings

  • Most pop-up info text was confusing.
  • Class Resources are important to instructors and needed to be more visible.


  • Built in Axure RP Pro 7.0
  • Used for testing and annotated for delivery to developers
Final wireframe with visual applied
Annotated wireframe (clickable-Balsamiq)

Ideation - Concept Sketches

I explored several step-based wizards.