I had the pleasure of working with Kristin on several projects where she was the lead designer and I was the technical product manager, and each time, she demonstrated that she is a smart, detail-oriented, thoughtful designer, who is able to delve into complex systems and problems and then design elegant solutions that meet the project requirements but that also work technically. Stakeholders trust her and team members enjoy working with her because she listens well and responds to their needs, demonstrates genuine interest and empathy, and communicates openly, honestly, and frequently. Kristin has a rare ability to engender an environment that is creative, collaborative, and team-oriented. Her work product and prototypes are neat and organized, and she is always interested in finding ways to work better – to continuously improve – an attitude which I really appreciated for its value on our agile practices.

Terry Chang

Technical Product Manager, McGraw-Hill Education - ALEKS Corporation

She became the foundation of the department…the revenue, projects and quality have experienced an increase in an already profitable and creative department. In short, Kristin is a dynamo.

Maria Sakarin

Site Strategy and Standards, IBM

Kristin is a strategic thinker who finds creative ways to achieve objectives while watching the bottom line. She is detail oriented, reliable and diplomatic, and has a deep knowledge of the design process (both traditional and digital) and how to relate it to business goals. She’s an asset to any project. We couldn’t have gotten our business started without her — and it’s still going strong after 8 years!
Karen Wilson

Writer/Publisher, N Magazine

Kristin is a UX pro and a great addition to a design team. In a phrase, “she gets it.” She has worked with my team on several projects and always demonstrated the skill and subtlety required to elicit user needs while keeping the big picture and the company’s goals in view.

Kristin possesses a highly creative mind, exceptional interviewing skills, and the ability to turn complex and varied user data into concrete deliverables that drive design decisions and keep a project moving forward. Among her strengths, her empathy for users and her desire to truly understand their perspective — and address that in the product design — really stand out.

If you have the opportunity to work with her, take it. Your team and your products will be better off for it.

Andy Todd

Web, mobile, internet lead, Extron Electronics

Kristin is one of those rare individuals who can both follow instructions and take initiative, as appropriate. During the course of our work together her grasp of the nature of business as well as a meticulous attention to detail resulted in improved client and vendor relationships. She was a productive contributor to team efforts as well as a self-starter. Her high degree of integrity and resourcefulness are complemented by a cheerful disposition and willingness to learn and grow.

Christopher McCarthy

Manager, Center for Biomedical Communications

Kristin’s attention to detail and tenacity were integral to her project of tracking drawings through a complicated series of approval processes. Her easy-going yet thorough manner kept the drawings moving through the process and she never got bogged down by the unexpected delays of tardy reviews. She’s a good judge of people and how best to motivate them, and her creative use of different means of communication was invaluable in achieving the desired results. I recommend Kristin whole-heartedly. I’ve known her for over 20 years as a colleague, and she’s now a proven resource when I need to expand my company’s workforce.
Barbara Punt

President/Chief Project Manager, Punt Consulting Group

I first worked with Kristin Kazamaki back in the 90’s. Over time, she has become my first call to fill all outsourced graphics, marketing, UX, and testing needs. The longevity speaks volumes.

Kristin has the indispensable ability to listen and ask the relevant questions. Most importantly, Kristin has the experience and maturity to know herself and her capabilities. In all these years, she has consistently given great estimates and timely delivery. “Say what you do, and do what you say.” As my responsibilities have increased over the years in each position, I’ve come to greatly value Kristin and others with this high level of maturity, work ethic, and commitment.

In my current role as President of an iPad software startup, Kristin has been consistent in her delivery, flexible in her schedule, and invaluable to our team. Whether she’s fulfilling our Marketing needs, or acting as sounding board for some of our more fantastical ideas, or role playing in preparation of an important meeting, Kristin is always on point. I trust Kristin and her work implicitly.

I give Kristin the highest recommendation.

Frank Ruotolo

CEO, Mobile CAD Inc.